OBO solutions for power, supply and disposal

Producing energy efficiently, distributing it intelligently and using it sustainably – that is the key to the future or business and society. OBO can offer complete solutions for the entire electrical equipment of energy companies.


Cable management

Cable management Cable management protects cables and the reliability of the system. Solid connections Tidy cable routing is at the heart of a biogas system which can function for decades. Unique product range With varied stainless steel structural components in V2A, V4A and V5A, as one of the market leaders for cable support systems, OBO…

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Lightning protection, surge protection and fire protection systems

Lightning protection, surge protection and fire protection systems For a safe system: Lightning protection, surge protection and fire protection systems Integrated lightning and surge protection from OBO OBO systems provide reliable protection of people and property. Interception systems, arrestors and earthing systems ensure external lightning protection. Equipotential bonding and surge protection systems provide protection against…

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Customers Power stations are found all over the world − providing energy to whole regions. Without them, industrial progress would be impossible. OBO knows the different demands and requirements for planning and building power stations − no matter whether they provide energy for a German urban area or a Chinese industrial region. Below, you will…

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Solutions with a system

Solutions with a system OBO systems are practically a component part of power station construction. From complete mounting systems, through rising and wide span systems, up to cable ladder and function maintenance systems – OBO has the right solutions. For every type of power station OBO can offer complete solutions for the following plants: Brown…

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Solutions for photovoltaic systems

Solutions for photovoltaic systems OBO Bettermann cable trays ensure that the solar current can take the optimum route in and through the premises of SKF GmbH in Schweinfurt In Germany, photovoltaic systems are on the advance. The ever more advanced technology means that it is possible to generate large quantities of solar current, even in…

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Solutions for wind power systems

Solutions for wind power systems A whole branch of industry can profit from the driving force of a very old form of energy. Wind power systems have long been established as a technology for the future of renewable energies. Modern, high-performance wind power systems make extremely high demands on the quality and reliability of the…

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Lightning and surge protection systems

Lightning and surge protection systems Air termination and down conductor systems Air-termination and arrestor systems Direct and indirect impacts of lightning strikes and other transient surge voltages can endanger chemical and petrochemical plants. According to the ATEX directives, the operators are responsible for the safety of their plant. They must carry out the zone assignment…

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Fire protection systems

Fire protection systems Insulation systems Maintaining fire sections The limiting of the fire to specific structural sections means that the remaining parts of the building are protected for a defined period of time. This offers valuable extra time for the evacuation of people and the initiation of extinguishing measures. OBO insulation maintains the fire sections,…

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Rail systems

Rail systems Rail systems Flexible, rapid and efficient With their high load capacity, OBO mounting and profile rail systems are an essential part of many electrical installation applications. When combined with the mounting accessories, they allow the creation of various support structures for both indoor and outdoor areas. OBO rail systems can be shortened individually.…

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Pipe systems

Pipe systems OBO pipes, fastening clips and rails for individual routeing Maximum cable protection in an industrial environment Cables in industrial environments must be protected against corrosion, chemicals and mechanical loads. Our product range offers the ideal surface and material versions for every requirement. These include junction boxes, glands, clips, pipes, clamp clips and rails,…

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OBO surge arrester Loesungen-Oel-Gasindustrie-13

Cable support systems

Cable support systems  Maximum variety for your project All kinds of systems with different materials and surfaces give you maximum freedom when planning and executing a project. Cable ladder and vertical ladder systems Cable routeing under extreme conditions OBO cable routeing systems can beat aggressive atmospheres and extreme weather conditions. They are the right solution…

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OBO surge arrester, SPD Loesungen-Oel-Gasindustrie-01

Basic principles

Basic principles High loads for the electrical infrastructure Risk of explosion, surge voltages, extreme temperatures, mechanical influences or aggressive substances endanger the electrical infrastructure and thus the work capacity of industrial plants. Lightning, surge voltages, electromagnetic interference Dust, rain, snow, wind UV radiation, extreme temperatures Fire, sparks, risk of explosion Salt, corrosion, chemical loads Mechanical…

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