OBO solutions for mobility

Stay mobile with OBO solutions. A range of electrical products and systems promotes mobility on water, in the air, on rails and on roads.


Solutions for ship construction and offshore

Solutions for ship construction and offshore Strong product range, first-class quality Systems installed on ships must often fulfil special requirements – something which particularly applies to electrical installations. The comprehensive range of OBO products, quality-tested according to ISO 9001, offers safe solutions for all kinds of requirements. All the marine cable trays and cable ladders for ship…

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Cable routing systems

Cable routing systems Solutions for office workstations Flexible solutions for administration Working processes in the administrations of airports and railway station are closely linked to electrical technology. OBO systems provide the necessary supplies. They run power over floors, ceilings or walls. High-quality interior architecture especially profits from the option of matching the range of systems…

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Underfloor systems

Underfloor systems Underfloor systems Tough cases Buildings frequented by a lot of people each day place huge demands on the load capacity of the installed electrical technology. OBO underfloor systems, with their high-quality materials and solid strengths, can also withstand high loads. A range of practical special parts and well thought-out accessories can offer ongoing…

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Transient and lightning protection systems

Transient and lightning protection systems Safe. Solutions for external lightning protection and surge protection A hot subject No operator of an airport or railway station can afford a failure of technical devices due to lightning strikes. Lightning protection systems installed professionally and in accordance with the regulations provide effective protection. Damage from lightning and surge…

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Fire protection systems

Fire protection systems   Fires are serious There are few places in which the safety requirements in case of fire are higher than in railway stations and airports. To protect people, safety-relevant systems must function for as long as possible. Fires, such as that at Düsseldorf Airport in 1996, have led to a strengthening of…

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Cable support systems

Cable support systems Cable tray systems and mesh cable tray systems Starting and stopping Modern airports and railway stations combine logistical areas with retail and pleasure areas. An invisible network of power and data cables maintains the functions of this highly complex infrastructure. The challenges here include the safe routing of large quantities of cables.…

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Howald Tunnel in Luxembourg

Howald Tunnel in Luxembourg OBO products had an important role to play in the refurbishment. The Howald Tunnel in Luxembourg is located on the A1 motorway and is an important part of the infrastructure connecting Germany and France in an east-west direction. Every day, up to 70,000 cars travel through the 486 metre-long, two-tunnel construction,…

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