OBO solutions for industrial and general plant construction

When things get tough under industrial conditions, you can rely on OBO. Systems with a high load capacity ensure the perfect functioning of complex production systems. And they do that in any scope of supply and and size of building.


Transient and lightning protection systems

Transient and lightning protection systems Safe: Solutions for external lightning protection and surge protection A very long millisecond Direct lightning strikes endanger people and property. Damage to electrical devices is often the result of surge voltages. These are triggered either by lightning strikes in the vicinity or by switching operations in medium- and low-voltage networks.…

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Insulation Insulation and cable bandages Limiting the spread of the fire The limiting of the fire to specific structural sections means that the remaining parts of the building are protected for a defined period of time. This offers valuable extra time for the evacuation of people and the initiation of extinguishing measures. OBO insulation OBO…

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Function maintenance systems

Function maintenance systems Systems for electrical function maintenance Function maintenance of the electrical systems exists when the current flow is not interrupted during a fire. This means: Emergency and escape routes remain usable. Important technical equipment, such as emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, and extraction systems and extinguishing systems, continue to function. The longer these…

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Cable support systems

Cable support systems Heavy metal Powerful dimensions Large cable cross-sections and cable quantities, high loads and large support spacings all require cable support systems which can withstand loads. Our unique product portfolio comprises cable trays, cable ladders, rising sections and wide span systems, all in industrial quality. Different surfaces and materials allow precise matching to…

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Solutions for switching cabinet construction

Solutions for switching cabinet construction Switching cabinets are the control centre of modern electrical systems and production facilities. This means they must be equipped and secured accordingly. Products and systems from OBO provide reliable functionality of the electrical components in a switching cabinet. They connect, distribute and protect – thereby making sure that your system…

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Solutions for the food industry

Solutions for the food industry Scarcely any other industry places quite so much emphasis on product quality as the food industry – for many customers, only the best is good enough here. Foodstuffs are subject to strict guidelines, compliance with which must be continually guaranteed – from the collection of raw materials and production, through…

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