Combination arrestor, 1-pole

Combination arrestor, 1-pole, for use in TN-S and TT networks:

MCD 50-B: Type 1 (Class B) coordinated lightning current arrestors to DIN EN 61643-11. For interface 0 to 2 (LPZ) in accordance with lighting protection zone concept to IEC 61312-1 and/or DIN VDE 0185-305.

• Arresting capacity 50 kA (10/350 µs) per pole
• Conforms to VDN Directive 2nd Edition 2004
• Protection level • Line follow current quenching 25 kA Ipeak
• lncl. plug caps for identifying the connections
• Encapsulated, non-extinguishing spark gap: Can be used in standard distributor housings.

Application example: Compact surge protection concepts in a separate housing. Installation of requirement class B+C arrestors in a distributor without decoupling inductances and/or line lengths, e.g. direct on mobile radio system.

Connection options

MCD 50-B

Nominal voltageUN230
SPD to EN 61643-11Type 1
SPD to IEC 61643-11class I
Lightning protection zone LPZ0→2
Impulse discharge current (10/350)Iimp50
Total discharge current (10/350)Itotal50
Nominal discharge current (8/20)In50
Arrestor surge current (8/20) [total]ITotal 8/2050
Voltage protection levelUp
Response timetA
Follow current quenching capacity (eff) [N-PE]Ifi25
Maximum back-up fuse500
Temperature rangeϑ-40-85
Division unit TE (17.5 mm)2
Protection ratingIP20
Connection cross-section rigid10-50
Connection cross-section, multi-wire10-35
Connection cross-section, flexible10-25