Social sustainability

Social sustainability Social sustainability to help our employees: Get fit with OBO To remain in daily competition, we at OBO need healthy, motivated people. Under the slogan “Fit with OBO”, every employee can take advantage of a comprehensive offer to look after their own health. This ranges from tips for coping with stress, through free…

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Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability Economic sustainability through leadership in innovation: A new idea every day In the electrical industry, OBO Bettermann is considered one of the most innovative companies. The best-known inventions are the OBO-Dübel® (OBO anchor) with the “Ohne BOhren” (without drilling) principle and the revolutionary Magic cable tray systems. The spirit of invention, high demand for…

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Ecological sustainability

Ecological sustainability Ecological sustainability in production: Regeneration in production At OBO, production waste is not simply thrown away. OBO uses only high-quality raw materials for its products. One of these is the universal plastic PVC, which, for example, is used in the production of wiring ducts. Through an innovative recycling process, the material can now…

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KTS testing

KTS testing To guarantee the load bearing capacity of cable support systems, DIN EN 61537 prescribes tests for safe working loads (SWL) and defines the testing conditions. The KTS testing system is an in-house construction by OBO BETTERMANN and has, over the years, been continuously expanded and adapted to new requirements and circumstances. Test structure,…

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Lightning protection component testing

Lightning protection component testing Standardised testing of lightning protection components Metallic connection components such as connectors, connection and bridging components, expansion pieces and equipotential bonding rails in lightning protection systems must be tested according to EN 50164-1 “Lightning Protection Components (LPC) – Part 1: Requirements for connection components”. The named testing standard prescribed fixed testing…

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Testing offer and test equipment

Testing offer and test equipment The following standard-compliant tests can be carried out: Lightning protection components to EN 50164-1 Spark gaps to EN 50164-3 Surge protection devices to EN 61643-11 Data cable protection devices to EN 61643-21 Cable support systems to EN 61537 Electrical installation duct systems to EN 50085-1 Connection sockets and housings to…

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Tradition and innovation

Tradition and innovation Ulrich and Andreas Bettermann Connections The core of our success is based on mutual, trusting and committed interaction between employees, suppliers and customers. As the owners, we stand by these connections. It is the benchmark of our activities and should be lived and also required by all employees. Think connected The central…

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Production competence

Production competence: State-of-the-art production facilities and continuous process optimisation for first-class products Transparency and effectiveness We strive for the greatest-possible transparency for our employees and customers. To this end, all of the company’s objectives, processes and data are continuously measured, depicted and, if possible, improved on. The continuous development and modernisation of our production facilities…

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Partnership: For us, living a customer proximity means offering help and advice whenever we are needed Customer service and credibility Friendliness, reliability and competence create acceptance, credibility and lasting working relationships. The basis of these shared values is the continuous alignment of our company to the wishes and requirements of our customers. The close partnership…

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Regional proximity

Local around the world: 3,000 employees. Over 60 countries. 40 subsidiaries. The values of our company are supported by continuous proximity to our customers. For us, customer proximity means that whenever borders open and new markets are created, we will be there. This regional proximity has proved its worth: OBO is present on every continent…

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The principle of OBO

The principle of OBO OBO – Our brand name says it all Things couldn’t be shaken until 1952: If an anchor was to be placed, a hole had to be drilled in the right place. No one questioned this. Only an OBO engineer was dissatisfied. So OBO developed a metallic anchor, the special construction of…

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Just when you think you have achieved a lot, it is time to take the next step. 1911 Building foundation by company founder Franz Bettermann. His own sheet-metal factory for fastening technology is the result. 1932 From now on, metal and plastic characterise the once again expanded range with the start of duroplastic and thermoplastic compression and…

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